Successful Revision Surgery for Complicated Femur Fracture: A Case Study by Dr. Swapnil Gadge

In rural healthcare settings, challenges in surgical interventions can arise, impacting patients’ well-being.

This case study delves into the meticulous care provided to a patient who underwent an unsuccessful femur operation, resulting in complications and an inability to bear weight on the operated leg. Seeking comprehensive treatment, the patient visited Gadge Hospital, where Dr. Swapnil Gadge, renowned for his expertise in orthopedic revisions undertook the case.


Case Presentation:


The patient presented with a history of a previous femur fracture surgery conducted elsewhere, leading to persistent discomfort and the inability to bear weight on the affected leg for over a month.

Examination revealed a highly communicative femur with an operated nail protruding outside the bone, accompanied by fragmented elements.


Treatment Approach:


A comprehensive treatment plan was devised to address the complex femur fracture.

The initial step involved the removal of the existing implant rod, meticulously extracting all butterfly fragments, and repositioning with encirclement wiring.

A minimally sized nail was delicately inserted to restore structural integrity. Additionally, a long locking femoral plate provided supplemental support to reinforce the fractured femur.


Postoperative Care:


Post-surgery, the patient showed remarkable progress. Within eight days of meticulous care and monitored recovery, the patient demonstrated significant improvement. While
emphasizing cautious recovery, weight-bearing was permitted after a two-month period following the surgery.





The meticulous surgical intervention and attentive postoperative care resulted in the patient achieving a full range of motion in the knee and hip joints.

The successful revision surgery not only addressed the complications arising from the initial operation but also restored the patient’s ability to bear weight and resume daily activities.




Thestrategic approach to revision surgeries in orthopedics are exemplified in this case.

The comprehensive treatment plan, including implant removal, meticulous fragment extraction, and precise re-implantation, coupled with attentive postoperative care, led to a successful outcome, restoring functionality and quality of life to the patient.




The successful management of this case wouldn’t have been possible without the collaborative effort of the healthcare team at Gadge Hospital, highlighting their commitment to patient-centric care and surgical excellence.

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