Recovering from a Proximal Tibia Injury: A Comprehensive Case Study

At Gadge Hospital, we encounter various cases of orthopedic emergencies.

Today, we delve into the journey of a patient who suffered a proximal tibia fracture due to a 2-wheeler fall.

Under the expertise of Dr. Swapnil Gadge and our specialized orthopedic team, this case highlights the comprehensive approach and successful recovery achieved at our facility.



Case Overview:


A patient was brought into Gadge Hospital following an emergency 2-wheeler accident, resulting in a comminuted proximal tibia fracture.

Immediate investigations were conducted, revealing the necessity for surgical intervention.

The patient underwent an openreduction and plate osteosynthesis procedure, skillfully performed to stabilize the fractured proximal tibia.


Post-Surgery Care:


Following surgery, the patient was discharged with clear instructions for care and rehabilitation.

A knee immobilizer was provided to avoid knee bending and weight-bearing on the operated limb. During the subsequent eight weeks, regular follow-up appointments and X-rays monitored the healing process.

At the eight-week mark, after diligent adherence to the rehabilitation plan, the patient progressed to partial weight-bearing status. Plaster removal was carried out, and a tailored regimen of hip and knee muscle strengthening exercises commenced.

As the patient’s strength improved, they gradually transitioned to full weight-bearing, marking a significant milestone in the recovery journey.



Rehabilitation Milestones and Future Progress:


The rehabilitation process involved a gradual transition from restricted movements to progressive exercises aimed at improving joint flexibility, strength, and mobility.

Under the guidance of Dr. Swapnil Gadge and our specialized team, the patient experienced positive developments in their recovery.

Moving forward, continued monitoring through follow-up appointmentsĀ  will ensure the sustained progress and complete recovery of the patient.

The expertise and personalized care provided at Gadge Hospital have played a pivotal role in achieving these milestones, demonstrating our commitment to comprehensive orthopedic care.



The successful rehabilitation of this proximal tibia fracture case exemplifies the collaborative efforts of the patient, the orthopedic team, and the specialized care provided at Gadge Hospital.

Dr. Swapnil Gadge’s expertise and the hospital’s dedication to holistic treatment have led to a remarkable recovery, setting an example of excellence in orthopedic care.

At Gadge Hospital, we remain committed to delivering optimal care, facilitating recoveries, and empowering patients to regain their full functionality and quality of life after orthopedic.

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