Complex Case of Peri Implant Fracture Humerus – Managed Effectively By Dr Swapnil Gadge

Patient History: A Setback in Healing 

The patient here was a young and active individual. He was initially admitted in 2018 at Gadge Hospital with a left humerus fracture. Despite the successful treatment with a conventional plate, which helped with the healing of the fracture, the patient faced a setback. In January 2024, 2nd patient came with the H/O fall from 2 wheeler sustaining injury to same arm, leading to fracture of same bone adjacent to previous plate. 


Treatment Dilemma: Remove or to put another parallel pate?

The case complexity was in the decision-making process regarding the existing plate. Dr Gadge needed to make a crucial call- whether he should rip out the old implant and begin afresh or find another way to work around and address the new fracture. The stakes were high because of the patient’s activity level, age and desire to minimise the disruption to the shoulder joint.




Exceptional Work by Dr. Swapnil Gadge: A Game Changer 


Thorough Assessment: Finding all the Pieces of the Puzzle

Dr. Gadge began the case with a detailed patient medical history assessment. He considered the implant type, the previous fracture and previous surgical mark, too. Apart from this, a thorough physical examination and imaging studies were given equal importance. It was done as those were crucial to understanding the extent and the nature of the fracture and getting the insights that were needed to tackle the new fracture.


Innovative Approach: Fixing Pieces

While recognizing the challenges of peri-implant fracture, Dr. Gadge proposed a groundbreaking solution. He suggested using a shoulder interlocking nail for the humerus fixation. The aim of the approach was Minimal Invasive and early Mobilisation of patient 


Multidisciplinary Collaboration: Team Power

Instead of choosing to go solo, Dr. Gadge brought together a team of radiologists, anaesthetists, orthopaedic specialists, etc., to ensure a coordinated treatment plan. Such a multidisciplinary approach was required not just to address complexities but to increase outcomes for patients while decreasing the complexity of the case.


Precision Surgery: The Big Strike!

The surgery was performed on 22nd January, 2024. With the signature skills and focus, the old plate was removed, and the shoulder interlocking nail was inserted for fixation of a new humerus fracture. The surgery was a complete success. It became a testament to Dr. Gadge’s unwavering precision, expertise and teamwork, which together helped to minimize the trauma to any surrounding tissues.


Postoperative Care: Navigating the Road to Recovery

Thanks to Dr. Gadge’s eagle eye, the patient’s recovery went smoothly. The focus was on early mobilization, rehabilitation and pain management. The doctor, therefore, ensured holistic care for promoting the optimal healing and restoration of functionality of the patient.


Peri Implant Treatment


Outcome: Back to Normal 

The patient’s remarkable recovery led to the early discharge on 19th January, 2024. It was the ingenuity of Dr. Swapnil Gadge that helped to fix the peri-implant fracture while sparing the shoulder joint from any kind of unnecessary impact. It allowed the patient to reclaim everyday life.


Conclusion: Every Story Matters

The case study from the Gadge Hospital, it was not just another fixed bone story but a medical triumph. Dr. Gadge’s exemplary work played a pivotal role to achieve the successful outcome after he navigated through the peri-implant fractures complexities. Furthermore, his innovative approach and commitment to finding and advancing innovative solutions in the field are worthy of applause. The case also stands as a testament to the hospital’s commitment towards excellence within orthopaedic care and rewriting the best comeback stories.

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